A comfortable holiday home near the sea, fresh air and a forest with all its riches

From Kärka Holiday Home to the capital of Estonia is 70 km. To St.Petersburg in Russia 321 km and to the capital of Finland 158 km
NB!Tallinn-St.Petersburg bus is driving throught the town Loksa 2x a day.
Loksa busstation is 3 km far from Kärka Holiday Home
The sightseeings, shopping centres and service enterprises at Loksa, all is conveniently nearby

Gas stations
Nearest gas staion at Loksa ca 3 km
• Next gas station ca 4 km • Bus station ca 1km

Stores and ATMs
• COOP supermarket • Pharmasy ca 3 km
• Post and SEB postbank • SEB ATM ca 2,8 km
• Loksa bus station • SWEDBANK ATM ca 3 km
• GROSSI supermarket • SWEDBANK ATM ca 3,5 km

Helth and beauty, just some destinations
• Swimmingpool, solarium and beauty services ca 3,5 km
• Cape Purekkari – the northern top of Estonia ca 9 km
• Island Mohni ca 10,6 km
NB! To village Viinistu by car then by boat to the island

Nearest ports
• Port of Loksa ca 2,2 km
• Port of Viinistu ca 10,2 km
• Port of Tapurla ca 17 km
• Port of Tallinn ca 71 km
• Airport of Tallinn ca 69,5 km

• Viinistu restorant and art gallery ca 10,2 km
• Viinistu Inn, ca 10 km
• Home restaurant MerMer ca 24,8 km  
• Home restaurant  Johannes ca 24 km

Fishing possibilitis
• Kotka trout fishing ca 7,2 km
• Lake Lohja ca 12 km
• Lake Kahala ca 29,4 km
• Jõekääru trout fishing ca 29,5 km
• Our sea 250 m

• Fishing with gide: Estfish, LaheKala ( ask hostess)

P.S. Save our phone number in case you happen to get lost or drive past our holiday home. Give us a call and we’ll lead you on the right turn-off.   
Signe’s phone number is 511 0917